Cookie.IO solves all of your harvesting issues

with fully automated cookie generating built to to get you more cookies...., faster, so that you can focus on cooking, not baking

Cookie.IO is a recurring $25.00/monthly service(Special GB)

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Tired of bots not working to their full potential?

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What is CookieIO?

Simply put Cookie IO is an Akamai sensor cookie generator. What is Akamai? Akamai is anti-bot programming used by many different sites. Akamai is tracking algorithms and users’ interactions with the aim of filtering/blocking any bot activity.

Why do I need it?

Akamai sensor cookies play a key role in whether your bot is successful or not. You can have the perfect setup (bot, proxies and server). However, if your bot cannot generate cookies or simply cannot generate enough cookies your success rate is limited. Cookie IO is designed to mimic human interactions/activities effectively, efficiently and dependable. It will outperform any sensor generator built into your bot leaving any concerns with lack of cookies a thing of the past!

How does it work?

Cookie IO is a monthly subscription program. Upon having an active subscription, you will be given access to our discord server, usage guides, user information and download link. After familiarizing yourself with the tool simply start your tasks and let Cookie IO work. When you’re ready export your cookies in part or whole to the bot(s) of your choice.